2-D upcycled artwork, measuring 4'X2'. The blossoms are made out of recycled plastic drinking water bottles. Each 192 blossoms were individually cut, shaped over a candle flame and hand painted in varying shades of white and specs of grey blossoms to give it depth and contrast in lighting. The plexiglass art canvas has specs of illuminating colors of rain pellets. This took roughly 4 months to complete. Truly a one of a kind unique artwork recycle art.The plexi artwork comes in a in pewter gun metal frame and ready to hang.

Blossoms Rain- 2D Upcycled Art

    • 2'X4'
    • 2D upcycled art from plastic bottles on plexiglass canvas
    • Ready to hang


    Title:  Blossoms Rain

    Medium:  acrylic spray paint

    Materials: recycled plastic bottles, acrylic spray paint