2-D upcycled artwork, measuring 16"X24". Upcycled art transforming recycled water bottles into cherry blossoms. I particularly love to paint cherry blossoms and the rendering of each flower from plastic water bottles to convey a balance of eco-design and appreciation for nature.Up-cycled water bottles offer a source for me to transform waste by incorporating it in my artwork. My latest up-cycled art is called Delta. Delta is of Greek origin. She is also a charming river that flows in the south nourishing those who thirst tranquility.

Delta - 2D Upcycled Art

    • 16"X24"
    • 2D upcycled art from plastic bottles on plexiglass canvas
    • Ready to hang


    Title:  Delta

    Medium:  Resin

    Materials: recycled plastic bottles, acrylic paint, pigment powder, resin